Matting and how it affects your dogs health

Picture of matted dog

Getting your dog groomed is not always done just for their appearance as it is just as much if not more importantly to do with the health of your pet.  It's always important to be aware of  the issues involved allowing a dog to get matted and the problems that can arise when your dog is not brushed or clipped as regularly as they need.

Some dogs grow hair instead of fur. What this means is they don't shed because the hair has a longer growing cycle than regular dog hair.  Dogs that don't shed sounds great as you wont have to clean up their hair multiple times a day but it can have a downside as well.  Instead of the hair falling out their hair if not brushed or clipped will get trapped in the coat which then starts to tangle with the other hairs. Sometimes if your not brushing all the way down to the skin then you may not notice the matts.  If you do not brush your dog on a  regular basis mats will develop resulting in your dog needing to be shaved as short as needed for a blade to go through. This also makes it more uncomfortable for when they do get clipped.

As well as mats being very painful for your dog mats can also cause other less obvious problems for your dog.  Matting is difficult to brush or comb out so this can result in your dog thinking of pain when going to the groomers.  A groomer will have use a very short blade to get under a mat as a longer blade will not go through it. It can also only cause skin irritation, or inflammation but if your dog moves at the wrong moment it could cause an injury too.



Dogs with matted ears can be dangerous because the ear can become a solid tight mat on thier ear.  With severe matting on a dogs ear  it can cause hematoma which is the swelling of the dogs ear causing them to to fill up with blood.  Mats can restrict blood flow to the area of your dogs body that it covers.  The lack of blood flow weakens their skin causing it to be much thinner and more likely to tear or bleed.   After removing mats from the ears, a quick rush of blood fills the ears at the tips and can cause them to bleed.  It does not always happen right away.  After getting groomed thier ears may feel different which makes them shake their head more excessively.  A dog shaking their head just one time can cause injury.

For these reasons some groomerss will not accept severely matted dogs, but would rather refer you to a vet.

Some breeds that are classed as non-shedding which will require more regular grooming are Doodles, Bichons, Havanese, Lasha Apso,shih tzu, Yorkshire Terrier.