Mobile Dog Grooming Franchise Opportunity (in the UK) now offers you a pet service franchise opportunity. The dog grooming business is a profitable adventure and reports have shown it can earn you as high as £75,000 per annum. With the right equipment and skill, you can run a mobile dog grooming business.

The pet business is a service that promises great returns if run smoothly. You have to be passionate about dogs to do even better.

To run the business, you need a clear list of services on offer and skilled personnel. The franchise should at least offer identical services to what for the brand to grow. Below are some of the services on offer.

What to offer

  1. Bath, brushing and drying

Dead hair and dirt make dogs uncomfortable. Bathing them helps restore the comfort. Dog owners may not have enough time to bath, brush, and dry their dogs as often as needed. The franchise’s goal is to reach out to these dog owners and offer their dogs the care they deserve.

  • Styling and blow-dry

After a bath, dogs should be styled. offers these dogs blow dry services to make them look better and feel better. Dogs are man’s best friend and so should be well taken care of. A styled dog feels and behaves better.

  • Hand stripping

This is done gently to get rid of the old dog hair and allow new hair to grow.

  • Dog teeth cleaning

We have noted that dog’s dental wellness is mostly overlooked. We take care of dog’s teeth on appointment basis. That helps dog with bad teeth restore good dental health.

This is one of the latest services on offer. But it needs more care owing to the nature of the work. For that reason, the franchise should offer the service only if it has a qualified professional to do so.

There are more services on offer including puppy cleaning that you can give. The pet service franchise won’t be limited. We also want you to grow.


We abide to several values that guide our operations. Three of those stand out, and there lies our competitive advantage. The values include:

  1. Convenience is a mobile dog grooming business. We have a strong online presence and that means most of our clients book services online. After receiving an booking, we go to the client’s home and groom their dog from there.

By doing so, we offer convenience to our customers. Dogs can be naughty, thus leave car seats dirty as their owner transports them to a dog groomer. That means he/she will also have to clean their car after the dog has been groomed.

That adds to the transport costs and other logistics he/she will have to face. By moving to where they are, we make the process convenient to them.

As our franchise, offering convenience should be top of your list. That way, we will both retain our clients and that is good for business.

  • Professionalism

You’ll deal with dogs and their owners. Besides, the franchise may offer delicate services like dog’s dental care. Professionalism will be important during your time of service.

Some dogs may be stubborn or you may experience other challenges while on the ground. Professionalism will help handle matters well.

The goal is to retain clients as well as attract others through referrals. Professionalism helps achieve this. With high attraction and retention rates, both you and us will grow as more opportunities will come our way.

  • Empathy

Dog grooming is not a service like any other. You’ll deal with different types of dogs in varying conditions. Empathy plays an important role in helping you treat each dog differently. That way, both the pet and its owner will be happy in the end.

You must evoke the dog’s emotion. That way, the owner will also be touched. A move that will see the franchise retain the client.

There are more values you could think of. These values will help the franchise operate with an objective. This focus will shape the direction in which the business will go.

To run a successful franchise with us, you have to adhere to these values and you can be sure your pet service franchise will thrive.

Here are some of the questions you should consider when setting values for your franchise:

  • Is the dog enjoying your services?
  • Is the pet business offering reduced stress grooming for the pet?
  • Is the dog getting one on one attention service?
  • Is the grooming service breed specific?
  • Are your services the latest and the best?

If you find answers to the above questions, you can find a culture for your pet service franchise. With the right culture, both our operations will flow smoothly. The partnership will not only benefit your business and ours, but also the client and his/her dog(s) will be happy.

A happy client is a satisfied one and will surely return.

Financing a Mobile Dog Grooming Franchise

Just like any other business, your franchise will need finances. You will be required to purchase the necessary equipment for your business. Some of the things you need include:

  1. Clippers and shears
  2. Ear cleaning products
  3. Brushes
  4. Washing machines and dryers
  5. A van or car and trailer
  6. Dog grooming van conversion
  7. Scissors
  8. Sprays

With the above equipment and more, you can easily start the business. The business is promising and so you can be sure the returns will be enough for you to recover capital expenses.

You also need proper payment methods through which you will receive money from clients after service. Some of the payment methods accept include Cash, VISA, Android/Samsung/Apple Pay, Mastercard, and American Express.

Your business should also accept some of these payment gateways for uniformity. That makes the client easily identify with both of us.

Payment methods matter a lot. Clients want a smooth payment process and that is why you want your business to accept as many payment options as it can.


We’re not just offering a pet service franchise opportunity, we want to ensure that you have all the support you need from us to thrive. That is why will work closely with your business to help you get the best out of your business. Below is the support we offer.

  1. Training

We have been in the business for a while. We know what works and what doesn’t. We will use that experience to continuously train you until you can stand on your own.

Besides, you will be mentored and coached through the journey. That will ensure you run a professional business with the understanding of what it takes to be in the business.

Mentorship and coaching help in decision making. A business that makes the right decisions at the right time easily establishes itself and grows. Therefore, expect a lot of guidance from us.

  • Established brand mileage

It is advantageous to enter the market under an already established brand. already has returning clients and that is why it will be easy for you to get customers upon setting up shop.

The brand is recognized and respected. Operating within the confines of the brand’s value will help your franchise establish itself within a shorter period.

Besides, you will be dealing with returning clients and referrals too will come your way. From there, you can grow easily and establish your business.

  • Marketing launch

We will be there to launch the franchise with you. That way, you can benefit from the brand name. You can be sure to get clients faster than you expect. With the right training from us you will retain the clients and attract more.

The location of your business is important. clients near you will be glad to work with you because of your proximity to them. From there, your effort will help you gain more clients and build a clientele.

Marketing and promotion of a business plays a key role in determining the business success. The marketing launch will play a major role in announcing your entrance into the scene.

How to Establish your mobile dog grooming franchise with

At the end of it all, you’ll have to take a step to establish a pet franchise business with To do so, go to the website and fill the Dog Grooming franchise form.

Some of the details you will be required to provide includes your full name, mobile number, email address, and a short message detailing your wish. Please await feedback after filling and submitting the form at The team concerned will get back to you as soon as possible.

The other option would be to reach out to the on 0800 069 9988.

Alternatively, you can send an email through their address: [email protected]. Once you make that first step, you can be sure the team will get back to you as fast as possible. From there, you will be guided on the way forward.

Advantages of a mobile dog grooming franchise

  1. Loveable

A business is likely to succeed if you love what you do. The mobile dog grooming franchise is a loveable business. You will be dealing with beautiful dogs that will make you enjoy your work.

Some dogs are so friendly to man. You will feel the warmth and be moved to work better.

The pets need your attention. That means you have to work with your emotion sometime. With the help of the owner, be sure to make so many dog friends.

The best part of it is seeing the dogs happy at the end of the service. You can be sure to fall in love with your work with time. Motivation will come automatically and the drive to give more will just come.

Clients want an empathetic groomer. That is why you will receive more calls and that will help your business do better. But even while at it, you may get overwhelmed at times. Managing such situations well will help your business grow further.

  • Rent free

You do not need to rent space to do this business. By serving clients from their residences, you save yourself from the pain of paying rent every other week. That helps in cutting costs and maximizing profits.

Besides, it gives you room to minimise expenses as you’re not paying any rent or business  rates. For that reason, you may attract more clients who prefer the convenience of you going to them. In the long run, your business will be thriving even more.

  • Flexibility

Clients book for service. That allows you to slot each one of them specific times. This arrangement gives you the freedom to do other things once the dog grooming service has been completed.

One of the things that make people hate their job is the lack of flexibility. With that at your disposal, you can easily manage your life and have a proper work-life balance. That is likely going to make you and your team more productive.

  • Convenience

Going to a client’s home means the pet is attended to without them having to leave. In the end, you will leave and they’d have saved time and money they would have spent coming to your place. This convenience plays a major role in client satisfaction.

A lot follows once a client is satisfied. They could tip you, refer you, or do a lot to help build your business further. When relationship marketing comes to play at this point, the results can be highly rewarding.

Here’s an opportunity for you to start a mobile dog grooming franchise with The challenge most businesses face is at the startup level. With this arrangement, you will be assisted from the start to the end. The brand is already established and so your franchise business will hit the road running.

Mentorship and coaching will be offered to your business for proper decision making to help you stabilize fast. All you need to do is reach out to the team and the rest will be taken care of.