How To Properly Bath Your Dog

The rules on how often you should bathe your dog are different from one dog to the next. Various breeds as well as various types of coats determine how often the dog should be given a bath. For example, the Poodle should be bathed every four or six weeks. On the other hand, the Pointer can go three or four months between baths. Other breeds which have harsh long coats, such as the Pomeranian, Samoyed, and the Norwegian Elkhound require less frequent bathing because it tends to soften the coat. However, dogs that are kept in the house most of the time have to be bathed more frequently to keep them clean.

Bathing the dog is important in order to keep the coat and skin clean and healthy. The coat should always be brushed thoroughly before the bath. This will help to remove all dead hair and all mats from the coats of long-haired dogs.

The next step is to prepare the materials you are going to use before the bath. The following is a list of supplies you will need:

1. Shampoo (regular or special shampoos for conditioning, color, coat, etc.)
2. Bristle Brush
3. Sponge
4. Rubber Tub Mat
5. Two Thick Bath-size Towels
6. Chain and Choke (to secure dog)
7. Spray Hose
8. Cream Rinse (long-haired breeds with the exception of the Poodle and Terriers).

Always remember to secure your dog safely in the tub. A chain and choke is necessary for this, giving the dog about a foot and a half of slack. This will make sure that the dog cannot jump from the tub and injure himself. A rubber tub mat is also a good safety precaution.

Using a spray hose, wet the coat thoroughly with warm water. Next, apply the shampoo to the dog's coat with a sponge, paying special attention to the ears, rectum area, and pads of the feet. These three areas are usually neglected by most groomers when bathing the dog. A small bristle brush may be used to scrub the head, ears, pads of the feet, and other extremely dirty areas of the coat. When the coat is thoroughly soaped and scrubbed, rinse it with warm water. When rinsing, place the thumb over the ear opening to keep water out of the ears. Also keep a hand over the eyes to prevent any soap from getting into them. Since every dog should have a double bath, repeat the soaping and rinsing process. On the last rinse be sure to get all of the soap out of the coat. Gently squeeze the hair on the legs, tail, ears, and all parts of the dog's body with your hands to remove excess water. You must first towel dry before using a dryer.