Why Choose A Mobile Dog Groomer?

Why Choose A Mobile Dog Groomer?

Here we explain the benefits of choosing a local mobile dog grooming service in your area.

When looking for a local dog groomer you have a few types of grooming salons to choose from.

Mobile Dog Groomer

The alternative is a local mobile dog grooming service that comes to you. There’s also different types of mobile dog groomers. There are mobile dog groomers that come to you in a converted dog grooming van which is like a salon inside. They will complete the groom in the van outside your home. For a mobile dog grooming van the only thing that theyll need is a plug socket which will have to go though a window if there is no out door socket as the plug wont go through a letter box. There are also in home dog groomers that come to you with all thier equipment including table etc and will complete the groom in a room of your choice in your home. They’ll also need to use your bath or shower to wash the dog.

Salon Dog Groomer

You can choose a local dog grooming salon which you take your dog to. You’ll need to get your dog ready to travel to the groomers either on foot public transport or by car. You can find local dog groomers on the High Street or retail unit which you could refer to as a shop. They sometimes have free parking or paid parking. You also need to park away from the shop due to parking restrictions and the location of the shop. They’re also some groomers which work from thier own either in a dedicated room, garage, grooming pod or or similar. They normally have better options for parking although they may not allow your dog to toilet in thier garden so you’d need to let your dog go to toilet nearby first.

“Choosing the right salon can help take some of the stress out of grooming for you and your dog”

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