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Ultrasound Dog Teeth Cleaning

Corby Rutland & Stamford Teeth Cleaning

Affordable & Effective Oral Hygiene Without Anaesthetic For Dogs

Ultrasound dog teeth cleaning is the most advanced dog teeth cleaning technology. It is state-of-the-art oral hygiene technology that works much better than conventional manual and electric toothbrushes. Our dog teeth cleaning removes tartar with Ultrasound and destroys bacteria deep in the gums.

With our dog teeth cleaning service, you can achieve the most effective oral hygiene for your dog whilst cleaning without movement, vibration or noise makes it usable for all dogs with no need for anaesthetic avoiding any risks that come with anaesthetic.

Our Ultrasound Dog Teeth Cleaning without anaesthetic removes stains, plaque and tartar, freshens your dogs breath and kills bacteria with no harmful side effects.

Reliable tartar removal

  • Dogs will normally require around 1 to 5 sessions
  • 2 initial 30 minute sessions are the average for dogs with moderate teeth staining and tartar
  • Just £40 per session
  • From only £30 for 15 to 20 minute maintenance sessions thereafter*
  • Help to avoid additional oral vet bills by regular tartar and plaque removal

*Maintenance sessions for Teeth Cleaning must be carried out within 12 weeks of the previous appointment. Maintenance dog teeth cleaning sessions will only be available when the whole mouth is deemed as fully clean. We can only do teeth cleaning with a dog groom otherwise it will be £40 per session including maintenance sections

Advantages of Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning for your Dog

  • Quick highly effective and generally stress free antibacterial deep cleaning
  • Dog Tooth cleaning and tartar removal with no need of anaesthetic and the risk that comes with it
  • Prevention of new plaque and tartar build up
  • Cleans your dogs teeth without noise, vibration or movement – always a great benefit for dogs with sensitive teeth and gums
  • Cleans where bristles cannot normally reach like deep fissures, gum pockets and interdental spaces
  • Helps to improve your dogs blood circulation and lymph flow
  • The antibacterial effect can help eliminate pathogenic bacteria on your dogs teeth, gums and especially in their gum pockets
  • Helps to reduce and prevent any unpleasant mouth odours and caries like decay or crumbling of a tooth or bone
  • Reduces stains to bring back whiter teeth
  • Dental hygiene is performed in our Mobile Dog Grooming van at the comfort of your home (saves a trip out)
  • Save veterinary fees by helping to prevent dental problems
  • No harmful side effects

Corby Rutland & Stamford Teeth Cleaning

Quick Recap

Benefit 1: Reliable tartar removal

Amazing results with our Dog Teeth Cleaning Service – Compare before and after treatment

Our Dog Teeth Cleaning Service removes tartar with Ultrasound and destroys bacteria deep in the gums.

Benefit 2: No anaesthetic required

Protect your dog from the side effects of anaesthetic. Eliminate leg shaving to provide place to insert needle & IV.

Our Dog Teeth Cleaning Service keeps your dog’s teeth in great condition minimizing the need of visiting your vet for dental procedures such as removing tartar under the use of anaesthetic.

Benefit 3: Save compared to vet bill

The Toothbrush we use for dogs is a comparatively inexpensive long-time solution

Dog teeth cleaning using a vet is very expensive. Costs vary depending on the condition of your dog and the vet you use. Teeth cleaning at a vet can quickly go upto several hundred pounds.

Dog Teeth Cleaning FAQ

What is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is just gentle air vibrations/oscillations, not audible, not visible and not perceptible.

Does ultrasound have harmful effects?

No ultrasound is really safe to use. The ultrasound generated for Dogs is not comparable to the hard ultrasound used by dentists and veterinarians. Versions of this technology have been used on humans for over 20 years.

Is the toothpaste safe or contain plastic?

With some/ most toothpaste the most active ingredient are the abrasive particles. Our toothpaste doesn't contain any abrasive particles. With a typical toothbrush whether a power sonic toothbrush or a manual brush results occur by scrubbing/rubbing the teeth and gums hence abrasive particles are necessary. On the other other hand, with the toothpaste for Dogs that we use, ultrasound air/wave oscillations that are generated which blow away/kill germs and bacteria as well as small food particles. Our toothpaste generates nano-bubbles which aid in the destruction of the germs and bacteria. Further, the ultrasound waves penetrate through some layers of gums to harm germs & bacteria. Similar forms of this technology has been used on people for over 20 years. It has been proven safe and effective.

The Mobile Dog Grooming Salon

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