Corby, Rutland & Stamford Dog Grooming Salon and Hand Stripping Services by

What We Do

Mobile Dog Wash Rutland & Stamford

Bath, Brush & Dry

We will give your dog a good brush to remove any dead hair by Combing out, Raking out or hand stripping, bathed and dried.

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Full Dog Grooming Rutland & Stamford Style Wash & Dry

Style Wash & Blow Dry

We will discuss and agree on any Clipping, Reverse clipping or Scissoring required to give your dog its own individual style.

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Hand Stripping Dog Grooming in Rutland & Stamford

Hand Stripping

By hand stripping, we will remove fur by hand; pulling it out by the root (not just the top layer) so a new coat is able to grow in.

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Full Matt Removal

We will remove all matts from your dog. Some matts may need to be cut off but we will take our time to minimise any matts been cut.

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Stamford Puppy Grooming Rutland

Puppy Grooming

We will come to you anywhere in Rutland & Stamford for our dedicated puppy groom which is ideal for puppies from three to six months.

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