Dog Grooming Terms -

Appointment Terms

By making an appointment you agree to our terms and conditions as set out below.

  • Severely matted dogs may charged extra due to the extra grooming time that will be required. Depending on the how severe the matting is the coat may have to be completely shaved off to ensure the wellbeing of your dog.
  • If fleas are found on your dog then a fee of £15 will be chargable as we will have to wash your dog in flea shampoo and leave in longer and also we will have to fumigate the van to prevent fleas from settling or spreading.
  • We can accept aggressive dogs so but need to be advised in advance a groom may need to be terminated if such behavior is displayed and the cost of the groom will still have to be paid.
  • No liability will be accepted by in result of injury caused by difficult or aggressive behaviour by your dog.
  • No liability will be accepted by when any health problem is uncovered or aggravated, by any part of the grooming process. We will always to notify you of anything we notice during the grooming session.
  • We do not express anal glands or pluck ears for dogs as these are now classed as a veterinary procedures.
  • Maintenance sessions for Teeth Cleaning must be carried out within 12 weeks of the previous appointment. Maintenance dog teeth cleaning sessions will only be available when the whole mouth is deemed as fully clean.
  • If a booking is canceled within 48 hours of your appointment 50% of the full groom cost will be chargeable.
  • If a booking is cancelled less than 24 hours of your appointment you will be charged for the full groom(s) booked. You may also be required to pay a non refundable deposit for future bookings.
  • If your not in at the booked time you will be charged for the fullgroom(s) booked. You may also be required to pay a non refundable deposit for future bookings.
  • You agree to us publishing a before and after picture of your dog on our social media which may also be available via our website. Please note we never put any dogs names on any published pictures.
  • Payment to be made by cash or card once groom is completed. A late payment fee of upto £15 per visit will be charged if we need to return for payment.

Last updated 2nd March 2020